July 28, 2014

fuel up

This is my au naturel style cover of a song that is very dear to me. No makeup, no background music, just this song.

The message in "Fuel Up" by Stornoway couldn't be more current to anyone at age nineteen.
When I listen to music I search for many things. Sometimes it is in the beauty of the lyrics, like in this song. The compilation of the music is lovely but ceases to matter when the actual words being sung are like poetry.
This is something I tried to convey by filming this new kind of cover; the subtlety of the crescendos and the rawness of my naked face are trying to reveal a different side of this song, a different side of myself.


  1. Voi että, ihanan aitoo. Vietin viime syksyn Oxfordissa ja tää laulu oli sen matkan kunnon anthem. Muistot tulee mieleen :')

    1. Kiitos tosi paljon!
      Eiks oo ihanaa miten tietyt muistot tallentuu tarkkana johonkin tiettyihin kappaleisiin.
      Mulla käy aina niin :3