August 27, 2014


In 29 days my life will change irrevocably. Waiting for it to happen is exciting, frustrating, unsettling. I have never not had to go to school on August 11th.
The Finnish weather gods and headmasters plot together and agree that autumn rain and chill commences exactly on August 11th. And so it does. Every year.
As I lounge around inside (it rains every day) with pools of free time still to be filled until move to university in England, I have been reflecting on what this summer has been and where I want to stretch it further.


In my mind I see my summer in different phases.
June was for healing. Sleeping, laughing, and slowly but surely coming back to a world of possibilities. Rebuilding friendships and strenghtening connections. Making money for July.



July was for adventures. London, Paris, Helsinki. Along with my boyfriend and my new group of friends we ventured in forests, in foreign streets, conversations until the sunrise and beyond. I lived a life of the incredible.



August has been a month of intellectual reform. Being reborn back into a world of curiosities, of creation. My mind was ready to be truly hungry again.
I have indulged in Alduous Huxley's tales of utopia, of psychedelia; Orwell's clever politically shaded works of fiction with greater underlying meaning. I have been introduced into the world of analysing data in out-of-the-box ways by Malcolm Gladwell and Stephen J. Dubner's and Steven D. Levitt's world of Freakonomics. TED talks have been my breakfast club.
Sometimes evenings with Khan Academy math games have felt more stimulating than actual social contact...
I have returned to my favourite library and sat in a lap of sunlight as I leaf through yet another opus of wonder.


So what is September? I want to continue broadening my mind with all sorts of literary and artistic stimuli, but I also want to take those influences and turn them into something of my own. I want to write more, photograph more, create more. That shall be my goal.
Besides that, it will a month of goodbyes and preparations. My loan contracts have been filled out, but I need to give my mind a minute to adjust to the idea that England will be my new home. My new environment will be a beautiful campus, and the people around me? 23 420 strangers.
Oh, the potential.


p.s. in case you didn't notice, the hair is also gone.


 and I'm planning to go shorter.

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  1. This post was so awesome!
    Everything your writing about is so authentic and your a role model for me. The things you´re writing (and wrote) about really showed how awesome life really is and how many incredible possibilities are waiting for us out there and sometimes it just needs patience and hard work to get where we really want. I hope you´ll post more frequently soon and can´t wait to hear about your experiences in England. But maybe you could also write a post or film a vlog with a bit more details how it was to finish school. You´re probably very happy about being done with the idea but hearing about how you time managed it and how you organized everything (school, student groups, fitness) and still keeping up with your motivation would really help me!
    Sending lots of love from Cologne!