October 7, 2014

the arrival

I do not know where to begin. With a week at University of Warwick under my belt, I am overwhelmed. But in a good way. Yes, good.


I thought moving here would be easy and exciting. I couldn't foresee the spectrum of emotions I would experience by leaving behind so many dear friends and my entire family. My last week in Finland was very difficult as I parted with everything that had built my life there. I looked at Helsinki with adoring eyes, silently weeping as I walked passed the pastel coloured buildings of the city for the last time. Next time I'd only be a temporary visitor, and Helsinki wouldn't be mine again for a very long time.

So after a couple heartbreaking farewell dinners and my farewell party, I packed all my things into two very large suitcases and flew out to Heathrow with my parents.
One-way ticket.

photo (10)

Giggling at a burger in Kew Gardens


After a day of shopping for my flat in London and saying goodbye to my parents, we arrived here. At my new home.


What initially threw me off was that I had never even visited Warwick before. I had only seen pictures and videos, heard lovely things, and harboured my own visions of the campus for so long. When we arrived here, it all looked even more beautiful than in the pictures. I couldn't believe my flat window overlooked a peaceful green and let in the morning sun. I was in a kind of horrible awe.

Shortly after claiming my flat we went to peruse through the fresher's fair and deal with some administrative business. Suddenly I was surrounded by hundreds of exciting people, all shoving flyers, discounts, information, and free domino's pizza in my face. The piazza boomed with loud music and I was having a tough time keeping my pulse down. Too much, too much. I was too nervous to eat, too busy taking in my new surroundings and wrapping my head around the fact that I had arrived.

photo (7)

After listening to a parent's welcome speech with my mother, my aunt, my mother, and my cousin left. I was too freaked out to be emotional. I made a trek to the grocery store and tried to figure out how many was too many pence for a bag of pasta.


After my puzzling arrival, fresher's week set into motion. Here it lasts two weeks, but runs along with lectures. The first week was a surreal big blur of parties, first lectures, sports, societies, and hundreds of new people. I got drenched in slimy fluorescent paint at the paint party, sat in kitchens until four a.m. discussing more and less deep matters. I was so impressed with all my lecturers and through it all, I felt like I was on some sort of vacation.
I still feel like that actually. My room still feels a bit like a hotel room when I wake up, and trekking through the campus in the morning is quite unreal.

photo (9)


I feel happy here. I feel the immense potential of this dynamic place.
Right outside my house there is a peaceful duck pond that is the perfect spot to come to and read. I am planning to buy a bike a take little Sunday cycles in the beautiful vicinity. Many of my peers studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics are brilliant, interesting people.
I could tell you so many things about how Warwick is overwhelming, amazing.

photo (3)



photo (8)

My boyfriend visited from Glasgow last weekend and it made this place feel more like home. It was so lovely to explore the area with him and try our hand at proper cooking. We did some lovely photography I'll show you soon and I made a pumpkin pie :3


photo (4)

The maths and statistics building is my favourite by far. I love the playful water jets and the water lilies. Call me silly, but I'd like to sit there and zone out back to Giverny.

photo (2)

There is constantly something going on here it's insane. Taster sessions, socials, seminars, guest speakers...
Last week we listened to a panel of economic and political experts answering students' questions about our economy.


One evening I was feeling  a little lonely and found an empty piano room in the Arts Centre. I sat there for hours, playing and singing. It was such a release to get a away for a little while.


Everyone keeps going on about how difficult my course is, and from what I've gathered, I love it already.  I love how there is much variety. One day I'll be focused on multivariate calculus and Plato, the other, I'll be learning about Marxism or quantitative easing.
PPE students are required to take 4 year long modules; Economics 1, Intro to Politics, Intro to Philosophy, and Mathematical Techniques (which includes maths, stats, and data analysis). I also chose an additional microeconomics module that focuses on game theory and firm strategy and a politics module titled 'political economy'. I decided to challenge myself and go for the difficult math course, as I am interested in taking up econometrics next year. It will probably be a struggle.
I am going to challenge myself here. This is the first time ever that I am so in love with everything that I am studying.
What can I say- honestly it couldn't be better.


What I managed to snag from the PPE booksale. Coursebooks are insanely expensive (up to 70 pounds) and buying most of them second hand is a must for me.



I have been trying to get this post together for ever and I have never been pleased with it. My thoughts are so jumbled and I feel I can't really really fathom them into anything more comprehensive. So this is it for now. 

There are so many things I want to share and I hope I'll get myself straightened out and settled in so I can get back to better blogging.


Over this past week I have discovered new things about myself; how I am not quite as fearless and outgoing as I thought to be.
But I am brave. That I know now.



  1. So glad that you had a such a good start at uni! It sounds so awesome and hopefully it will stay so. Warwick seems to be such a beautiful spot ;-)
    Looking forward to see your pumpkin pie! Maybe you could upload the recipe as well?
    Last week I totally failed on a maths exam and I would really like to know how you kept up your motivation during school? My grades in languages and history, philosophie ect are always really good but I just can´t motivate myself for maths and biology at all. Maybe you have some advice what I could do..
    Sending lots of love to England! Can´t wait to hear more ;-)

    1. Warwick is lovely!
      The recipe is on the libby's pumpkin pie website (i bought the pumpkin puree readymade) :)
      Oh no! Don't worry about it.
      Being good at maths is just like a maintaining a machine. You have to constantly use it and oil it for it to run. There are no inherently mathematical or unmathematical people: it is all about the effort. Do the work, do the extra, build a routine and math will open up to you.

      I wrote about a similar topic in the comment section of my newest post. I am giving the same advice to you. Try to find wonder even in the things you find boring.
      Once you crack that lock, everything will open up to you. To this day, I am completely enthralled by quantum mechanics, linguistics, and even certain areas of medicine, even though I will never study them at university level. Curiosity is good; try to foster it for even the dull stuff.

      Good luck! xx

  2. Olipa ihana kuulla sun kuulumisia sieltä! Ihan mahtavaa, että sulla menee siellä hyvin :) Ihailen kyllä tota sun rohkeutta. Törkeen siistä, että uskaltaa vaan mennä ja antaa palaa! Jee mutta hei maailman parasta jatkoa sinne, ja nauti Englannin ihanasta syksystä munkin puolesta :)

    1. Kiitos todella paljon! :)
      Ihanaa syksyä!

  3. Your blog is really awesome. I have been looking for some motivational blogs for a while and really appreciate your view on life. I hope you will write something about your motivation and your studies.

    Greeting, Marie Anne

    1. Thank you so much! That is so sweet :)
      I did just that in my newest post!

  4. Would be really interesting to read a post/ watch a video about your first year of University experience !