March 24, 2015



I am currently back home in Finland for the holidays and have been working on a few music projects in my spare time. I spent the loveliest day at the piano today, just playing for fun and recording any songs I enjoyed in particular. I'll be putting more out in upcoming days.

Over the weekend I visited an exhibition here in Helsinki in tribute to our national composer, Jean Sibelius. He was a great patron of the arts and his group of friends consisted of talented Finnish artists of his time. The exhibition displayed his music alongside with paintings and portraits by his dear friends. I was so inspired by the synergy between visual art and music and decided to try my hand at a Sibelius piece. "Finlandia" is undoubtedly his most famous piece, and a true national gem. It was arranged for choir much later, and I have performed this piece many times with my high school choir at Independence Day celebrations. It has a beautiful melody.

I decided to recreate the choir piece by singing all of the harmonies myself (the bass was the most difficult to learn). It holds its beauty in its simplicity. 

I have really been trying to soak myself in all things Finnish, including rediscovering some of my favorite Finnish artists. Scandinavian Music Group has been with me for years, and I decided to cover one of their somber songs, "Vieläkö soitan banjoa?" (Do I still play the banjo?). I admire the bluntness of the lyrics, and their ability to tell a vivid story.

A forest burns across the border
I only sleep
In the morning the streets are in smoke
And the sun in shrinking

You left for Paris
You said you were happy
The girl is beautiful and affable
I loathe her

No one is waiting for me
Why should I rise
Before the new snow
You call after all

I lost you long a go
You shoved your shoulders and walked away
This morning I want to forget
You ask if I've cut my hair
If I've changed
Do I still play the banjo after dark?

I sold my banjo
Last winter
But I still sing
Listen closely

This is the last song
I will sing to you
It is called
Too much too late

I hope you enjoy these little creations.


  1. Kuulostaa ihan mahtavalta!! :) ihana biisi!

  2. Vau, laulat kyllä niin hyvin! Varsinkin toi Finlandia oli ihan huikea :)

  3. Voihan Finlandia-hymni, kylmät väreet valtaa koko kropan joka kerta, kun kuuntelen sen. Siinä onnistutaan kertomaan musiikin avulla jotenkin niin hienovaraisesti, kuinka paljon meidän itsenäisyyden eteen on tehty. Sävellys ei oo yhtään mahtipontinen, mutta sanat tekee kokonaisuudesta valtavan. Ja teet ehdottomasti oikeutta hymnille äänelläsi! :)